About Us

Beenleigh Auto Dismantling History

Founded in 1999 form a desire to do customer service better and be a cleaner greener recycling parts supplier Beenleigh auto has set about reclaiming, repurposing, recycling Holden and Ford vehicles to suit the average family and repairer in the greater Beenleigh area.


We quickly realized that the market needed a supplier of high performance and commercial vehicles for sports and trade. So after many years we still offer service, parts and price in that order. 

Help Us Recycle

Did you know that using a recycled part on your car is the most energy (electricity, coal, fossil fuels) efficient thing you can do to save and conserve your cars foot print?


A part already created, delivered to us in Australia and resold at 40 to 50% off will shrink the carbon footprint of you driving history. How can it not be a good idea?


So call us and help us recycle, reuse and save money as we strive to get a 100% recycling rate.


Remember the old slogan ” be clean and smart, use a recycled part”